Application: Boost Efficiency

​Efficient use of source material and energy is important not only for cost of products but also for sustainable manufacturing. Tin Model programs yield important information for assessing the efficiency of a PVD process, including

1. Vapor Capture: the percentage of vapor captured by the substrates (or the substrate carriers) over the total vapor emanated by a source; 

2. Absolute Thickness: the thickness of material deposited in nm (in any area of your substrate) for each gram of source material vaporized; 

3. Deposition Rates*: the deposition rate, in nm/minute, of a specific material under a given power, in kW, applied to the vapor source in use.  

With the information, engineers can seek solutions that best satisfy the requirements of coating quality and, at the same time, avoid unnecessary waste. 

*This feature is available in our newer programs only. 

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