Application: Compare Processes

There can be competing ideas on how to approach manufacturing of a thin-film product. Tin Model programs enable you to compare different processes quantitatively, and from varied perspectives. 

Engineers frequently face a large number of options, stemming from source types, the number of sources to deploy, styles of substrate motion, whether or not to employ vapor-obstruction elements, and so on. Numerical simulation with a Tin Model program can rapidly demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of each of the possibilities. 

In regard to efficient use of source materials and energy, an objective measure may be adopted: the PVD figure-of-merit, M.  A high M value indicates a process that is efficient in consumption of source materials and energy. (Please refer to our publication for the definition of M.)

With the information obtained through a Tin Model program, engineering choices can be made with a greater certainty of a favorable outcome. 

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