Application: Optimize Masks

​Tin Model programs' mask design and optimization capability is expansive. 

As in real world, a mask in a Tin Model program can be in any shape, symmetric or asymmetric, positive or negative, installed horizontally or vertically (or at an angle), and it must possess a mounting provision, all of which is modeled precisely. 

A mask can be manually reshaped, through its 56 shaping points without constraints, and tried in the program until a satisfactory result is obtained. 

An automated routine is provided for optimizing the shape of a mask to achieve a high-degree of uniformity. The routine can be set to seek mask shapes that maintain a high utilization of material vapor.  

This tool can be employed for simulation of other vapor-obstruction elements in a PVD chamber, such as chimneys for sputter sources, vapor collimators, baffles and room dividers. 

A mask file can be saved and exported for manufacturing. 
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