Newsletter issued in February 2018

New release from Tin Model: Vapor Plume Fitting

Tin Model proudly announces the release of V-Grade 5S / Option P, which includes the much-anticipated feature of vapor-plume fitting to experimental data, whether they are from evaporation or sputter-deposition processes.

Tin Model's modeling software treats plume functions with a 3-term polynomial of the cosine: it is capable of describing all experimental observed plume functions, including the evolution of vapor plumes associated with aging of sputtering targets. The input accepts measured thickness data from stationary or rotational deposition runs.

With Option P, engineers can characterize PVD sources to a great precision, which, in turn, allows for reliable prediction and control of coating results. Recent experiments have demonstrated the effectiveness of such an approach. The vapor plume distributions shown below were obtained through fitting the polynomials of the cosine, with Option P, to measured thickness values of Ti (evaporated) and Si (sputter-deposited) thin films on stationary and rotating substrates, respectively. The focused vapor plume is typical of electron-beam evaporation sources while the heart-shaped plume is typical of magnetron-sputtering sources. 
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