Newsletter issued in April 2021

Visualize Deposition Rates and Other Unknowns

Spring greetings!

Tin Model is excited to release V-Grade 5S Pro, our most advanced PVD engineering software to date!

New in V-Grade 5S Pro: deposition rates in all modalities and tooling methods that V-Grade 5 series software can model. You can now predict the deposition rate of a material, among other aspects, before you construct or modify a PVD tool.

V-Grade 5S Pro is constructed on the time-tested platform of V-Grade 5S series products. It is highly reliable, versatile and fast. As Tin Model's most advanced software product, V-Grade 5S Pro has all the engineering features of V-Grade 5S Plus, and a robust Deposition Rate Calculator. It seamlessly computes the deposition rate of any given material in any PVD process that you are investigating. With this new capability, V-Grade 5S Pro is complete in predicting and quantifying the three most important measures of a PVD process, namely:

        Deposition rate -- for manufacturing throughput,
        Vapor capture -- for cost of manufacturing, and
        Thickness uniformity -- for meeting specifications of products.

V-Grade 5S Pro also provides you with a broad range of other information that you need in making engineering decisions, from the early conceptualizing phase to the final optimization, in a PVD development cycle.

With the help of V-Grade 5S Pro you will be able to, in great certainty, answer some of the most difficult questions about a PVD process which may involve: 

  •   E-beam evaporation
  •   Magnetron sputter deposition
  •   Ion-beam sputter deposition
  •   Unknown vapor plume
  •   Single-, dual- or triple-axis rotation tooling
  •   Tilt-planet fixtures
  •   Complex-surface substrates
  •   Roll-to-roll coating
  •   Ultra large substrates
  •   Rotatory cylindrical magnetron targets
  •   Arbitrary source configuration
  •   Arbitrary source movement
  •   Shadow masks
  •   Rotational masks
  •   Power-modulated transits
  •   Assistant ion bombardment
  •   Baffles, including collimators
  •   Multi-source coating processes
  •   One-of-a-kind processes
  •   Diffusive transport
  •   HiPIMS

Let your creativity flow and turn your ingenuity to winning PVD processes.

Please contact us for a quote or a demonstration copy of V-Grade 5S Pro.  

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