​Engineering of Tribology Coating Made Easy

Happy Spring!

Tin Model LLC is pleased to introduce a new application package:

  TCE: Tribology Coating Engineering

This package is for engineers in manufacturing of PVD equipment, as well as coating engineers seeking optimizations of coating quality and yield for cutting tools.

The package includes:

  1. A built model for a typical tribology coating process, featuring

  •   a rectangle sputtering cathode (vertically positioned),
  •   an industrial standard triple-rotation movement, 
  •   a sample endmill cutter file with multiple cutting-edge facets, and
  •   a sample drill file with multiple cutting-edge facets;

  2. V-Grade 5S Pro modeling software;

  3. An optional 1-hour engineering consultation.

With this package, an engineer (a new user) can quickly adapt the model for a process of interest via setting a few geometric parameters. Within minutes, you can visualize, analyze and optimize your coating processes. 
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​Tasks that can be accomplished with the package:

    1. Quantify coating differences from facet to facet of a cutting tool (or other 3D parts);
    2. Identify causes of low-density and/or low-hardness materials (information 
           revealed by statistics of angles of incidence);
    3. Quantify differences from tool to tool (placed in different levels) in a coating load;
    4. Design and optimize rotation fixtures that carry substrates;
    5. Install correction masks to reduce tool-to-tool differences;
    6. Optimize processes through adjustment of geometries;
    7. Know your deposition rates before constructing a new system;
    8. Predict deposition rates for any modifications in processes;
    9. Effects of energetic particle bombardment, as in HiPIMs modes; 
    10. Validate your innovative ideas.

We are certain that the you will find TCE a highly valuable companion in your pursuit of better products and efficiency.

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