NEWSLETTER September 2023

Tin Model is pleased to announce a new service with licenses of V-Grade 5S series programs: 

We will build a numerical model of your PVD process - as part of the deliverable.

​Most of our clients have specific projects in mind when they license programs in the V-Grade 5 series. We have helped many clients, free of charge, to construct first models so that they can experiment on the first day and expand at their own pace. For a limited time, from now till the end of the year, we expressly make this service available and free to all first-time licensees.

V-Grade 5 series programs, since their introduction 8 years ago, have grown to be one of the most powerful and versatile numerical-modeling tools for PVD processes. The following is a PARTIAL list of what the tools can simulate. 

  •   Planar magnetron sputter deposition
  •   Rotatory cylindrical magnetron targets
  •   E-beam evaporation
  •   Large-area evaporation source
  •   Ion-beam sputter deposition
  •   Uniformity correction masks (fixed and rotational)
  •   Advanced techniques for thickness uniformity
  •   Determine unknown vapor plume
  •   Single-, dual- and triple-axis rotation tooling
  •   Tilt-planet fixtures
  •   Complex-surface substrates
  •   Roll-to-roll coating
  •   Ultra large substrates
  •   Arbitrary source configuration
  •   Arbitrary source movement
  •   Baffles, chimneys and collimators
  •   Power-modulated transits
  •   Assistant ion bombardment
  •   Multi-source coating processes
  •   Diffusive transport
  •   Aspects of HiPIMS

To take advantage of this offer all you need to do is to submit a schematic diagram of your process. We will build, based on the diagram, a numerical model which will be included in the deliverable. The model file can be opened in the program that you have licensed. This enables you to experiment and optimize your process right away.

For processes that contains proprietary information we encourage you to submit diagram that contains elements of the process while not revealing the proprietary information. (We also welcome contract work on your proprietary processes.) 
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​For example, we can build a model for a sputter-deposition processes with dual rotary magnetron source for planar or curved substrates; we can also construct a numerical model for coating a large astronomical mirror with a magnetron source that is movable in a radial direction for uniformity.

Please contact us for your engineering needs or requesting further information:

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