Newsletter issued in October 2018

Complete Thin-Film Optics Modeling: OptiLayer + 
V-Grade 5S

Tin Model LLC is pleased to introduce a function link between V-Grade 5S and OptiLayer, a thin-film design software by OptiLayer GmbH.

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​OptiLayer and Tin Model embarked on this collaborative project with the goal of providing a more complete simulation capability for manufacturing of optics. If you are a user of OptiLayer, you can now directly import results from V-Grade 5S so that you can predict how the deposition profiles, which is determined by the coating process you employ, will affect the optical performance of the manufactured products.

V-Grade 5S is a numerical simulation tool suite that is capable of modeling PVD processes of complex geometry and substrate motion types, including systems employing magnetron sputtering, ion-beam sputtering or evaporation. OptiLayer is a software suite for thin-film designs, analysis, process monitoring and other purposes. In the present implementation, the deposition profiles (results of V-Grade 5S) of your PVD processes are imported and translated into the taper coefficients in OptiLayer. With this, you can analyze how spectra of the fabricated parts will deviate from ideal cases (with position information) due to the coating processes, and you can seek ways to minimize the deviation through adopting an optical design that is less sensitive to thickness variations and/or to reduce the thickness non-uniformity in your coating process.

We believe that this conjoined function will greatly reduce the need for production trial runs and, therefore, shorten the development cycles of new products. 

Please contact Tin Model LLC and OptiLayer for more details. 

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