NEWSLETTER November 2023

Ready for download: Rotatable Cylinder Sputtering Targets
Rotatable cylindrical targets are increasingly employed in manufacturing of thin-film materials, from coating large-size substrates to high-volume production of optoelectronic devices. These magnetron sputtering sources have many advantages, including high target utilization, cost effectiveness, stability and thickness uniformity when aptly arranged. 

Numerical modeling of these processes can greatly help engineers in achieving the best quality of deposited materials. Tin Model's V-Grade 5S series modeling software has been successfully employed by engineers for the purpose. 
To help V-Grade 5S users in modeling processes that involve rotatable cylindrical targets (RCT) we have placed 5 example RCT files in our website for free download. These RCT examples have the following physical dimensions: 

  • OD = 3" or 7.62 cm; Length = 50 cm
  • OD = 4" or 10.16 cm; Length = 75 cm
  • OD = 5" or 12.7 cm; Length = 100 cm 
  • OD = 6" or 15.24 cm; Length = 100 cm
  • OD = 7" or 17.78 cm; Length = 100 cm

These files can be directly read into any V-Grade 5S series program. After importing, you may reposition the source in your overall model. To change the length of a RCT model, you can contract or augment the middle section of the source in a spreadsheet application.  

These RCT models are provided for convenience. Users can certainly compose their own RCT sources by following the convention described in V-Grade 5S Users' Manual. Many nuance features of a source can be included, such as manipulation of the magnetic fields near the cylinder terminations to avoid excess erosion, which can shorten the life of a target. (In the model RCT files, a reduction of the emittance values in these locations can well simulate the effects.) 

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Please contact us for your PVD engineering needs – we frequently help V-Grade 5S users in optimizing PVD processes, free of charge. 

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