Case 13: Flats in Dome Coater

Here we examine another common job - coating of flat substrates in a dome coater. 

      In the same model dome coater we introduce a flat substrate which is 7 cm in diameter. Similar to the previous study, we first place the substrate tangential to the dome surface. The resultant coating exhibits a slope distribution with an overall nonuniformity of 0.81%, as shown in the left column of the figure below. 

      To correct the slope we can pivot the substrate. The best uniformity is found at a pivot angle of approximately 6.8 degrees, which results in an overall nonuniformity of 0.086%, as shown in the right column. The coating is slightly thicker in the middle, as we would expect from the geometry. The larger the flat, the more pronounced this feature becomes. 
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Tangential to dome
Pivoted from dome
maximum=97.10; minimum=95.55
maximum=98.27; minimum=98.10
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