Case 8: Coating of Arbitrary Surface

Any arbitrary surface, so long as we know it by a mathematical expression or by discrete coordinate values (x, y, z), can be virtually coated with V-Grade 5. In this example, we examine the coating of an irregularly curved surface shown in the diagram below. 
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      The thickness contour, computed via V-Grade 5, is exhibited below on the right, alongside with the height contour of the surface, on the left. 
Height max=1.97cm; min=-1.59cm
Thickness max=172.2; min=124.0
Surface height contour
Thickness contour
      The surface, measuring 12 cm by 12 cm in the x and y directions, is placed in the same model planetary coater as in the previous examples. The center of the surface is located 14.5 cm from the fixture axis. No correction mask is present.  
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