Welcome to V-Grade 5S Pro
V-Grade 5S Pro is constructed on the time-tested platform of V-Grade 5S series products. It is highly reliable, versatile and fast. As Tin Model's most advanced software product, V-Grade 5S Pro has all the engineering features of V-Grade 5S Plus, and a robust Deposition Rate Calculator with specifications shown below. 

​               Specifications of Deposition Rate Calculator      

Deposition Rate (nm/minute) Calculation: 
     Source types: magnetron sputtering, ion-beam sputtering and evaporation
     Substrate movement: rotational (single-axis or dual-axis) or stationary

Final Thickness (nm) Calculaton: 
     Source types: magnetron sputtering, ion-beam sputtering and evaporation
     Substrate movement: linear translation or roll-to-roll

Input Information Required: 
     Magnetron sputtering: molecular mass, sputtering yield and power applied
     Ion-beam sputtering: molecular mass, sputtering yield, ion energy and 
      ion current
     Evaporation: vapor pressure, power applied and process merit
     For linear translation or roll-to-roll: substrate velocity

Please see below for a comparison of V-Grade 5S Plus and V-Grade 5S Pro 


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Deposition Rate Map of a 3D Object
Deposition Rate Map
Deposition Rate Calculator Interface
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Comparison of V-Grade 5S Plus and V-Grade 5S Pro
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