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User Testimonials

Tin Model's PVD modeling products are being used in enterprises that manufacture PVD equipment and companies that provide thin-film products and coating services. The following are excerpts of what users of Tin Model products say about their experience.  

"The simulation (of V-Grade 5S) is fitting the experiments very well ... The software, as we know it, pretty much suits us. It is clearly arranged and one sees what is needed for its desired outputs." 
-- Rico Benz, Head of Technology, BU Batch, Evatec AG, Switzerland 

"The industry has been waiting for a modeling product like this for a long time. Given that each trial run costs us as much as twenty-five thousand dollars this software provides a welcome relief. We are truly happy it finally is available."
-- Senior Scientist of a leading PVD equipment manufacturer and coating services provider. 

"As a thin film deposition equipment manufacturer, we continually make design decisions for new deposition geometries. The applications we face are widely varied, and V-Grade 5S enables us to rapidly screen possible geometries and seek optimum conditions. Tin Model is an engaged vendor and partner in innovation.
-- Dr. Larry Scipioni, Chief Technology Officer, PVD Products, USA 

"This product (V-Grade 5S) is much better than what we used before in modeling our coating systems. It can tell so much more." 
-- V.P. of Technology of a leading manufacturer of PVD equipment. 

"This is a very nice program and I like it very much."
-- Senior Engineer of a leading thin-film products and coating services company. 

"This software (V-Grade 5S Pro) played a vital role in helping with my Thesis developing an Anti-scratch coating for surgical instruments." 
-- Joseph Fordyce, Mechanical Engineering student at University of Dundee, Scotland, UK
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