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Approach PVD coating with precision:
try V-Grade 5S
for the most challenging jobs 
for the most innovative ideas 
for the best thin-film products
V-Grade 5S Plus

A sputtering-centric numerical modeling tool set for PVD processes in a broad range of modalities and applications. It can be used to study and quantify such physical phenomena as desorption and re-sputtering of deposited material due to plasma-substrate interaction. 
     V-Grade 5S Plus is the most advanced and fastest tool set yet from us for PVD modeling. 
V-Grade 5S

​A versatile and comprehensive
modeling tool set for PVD in both evaporation and sputtering modes. Useful for achieving the best possible results through:
  • Tooling & fixturing 
  • Thickness uniformity
  • ​Material-collection efficiency
  • Mask optimization
  • Productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • and more....

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