V-Grade 5S is a versatile PVD modeling software for engineers and researchers in their quest for high-precision and low-cost thin film manufacturing, whether they employ sputtering or evaporation tools. It is a virtual coaster that numerically simulates the PVD processes in great detail and accuracy. With V-Grade 5S, you can do away with the lengthy and costly trial-and-error experiments; and you will be empowered to tackle jobs so challenging that you didn't believe feasible. 

      V-Grade 5S offers greatly expanded capabilities compared to our earlier releasesV-Grade 5S accepts input of compound sources including magnetron sputtering and ion-beam sputtering. It also allows greater freedom in configuring you coater in terms of placement of masks and manners of fixture rotation. Furthermore, its provides diffusive-transport modeling which allows users to visualize how the gas-phase scattering affects the coating results. Please view the comparison table in Products page for a list of features. 

      V-Grade 5S is applicable to PVD coating for various purposes, including optics, microelectronics, MEMS fabrication, protective layers, decorative coating, renewable-energy devices, biomedical devices and others. 

      V-Grade 5S is very intuitive and easy to use. Whether you are new to 
Tin Model product or are familiar with V-Grade 5, you will quickly immerse in what V-Grade 5S has to offer. 
Introduction to V-Grade 5S
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What V-Grade 5S  can do for you

​To state it simply, V-Grade 5S can help you to produce the best possible PVD thin-film materials and equipment.  

      In PVD thin-film manufacturing, to optimize a coating job can be a daunting task because there are as many variables as there are trade-offs, all integrally related in complex ways. For example, thickness uniformity cannot be pursued in disregard of material-collection efficiency, whereas the rotation of the substrates, or workpieces in general, makes the trade-off hard to fathom and quantify. Traditionally, empirical formula surrogate for analysis as testing out all the possibilities through experiments is too costly to be practical. As a result, PVD coating tools and jobs are seldom optimized. 

     With V-Grade 5S, you will be free from the burdens of trials-and-errors so that you can devote your energy in discovering the best solutions for every coating job at hand. For example, you may find yourself looking for the best way of coating flat substrates using a magnetron-sputtering source to meet a thickness uniformity specification. The magnetron source can be positioned and tilted with respect to a fixture that rotates in a simple or a planetary fashion. The question may rise as to whether it is possible to meet the uniformity requirement while keeping the material-collection efficiency above certain figure. V-Grade 5S can tell you the answer to a great accuracy without a single pump-down. Your next job may be using the same tool to coat strongly curved lenses, spherical or aspherical. Your solution for the flat substrates will likely be unsuitable and you must re-optimize for the new job. Here again, V-Grade 5S can lead to you to the best solution possible. 

     V-Grade 5S can be used for many and varied purposes. Please view a list of functions and features in our Product page.