Tin Model LLC was founded in 2015. It is dedicated to the art of computational modeling of physical processes. Most engineering problems, no matter how complex they may appear, can be broken down to elemental processes that obey simple rules. The advent of low-cost computing now allows us to create computational models that closely mimic real physical processes.

      The Tin Model team consists of individuals specialized in mathematics, physics, computer programming and technology development. A founding member of Tin Model LLC, Dr. Feiling Wang, is a physicist and industry veteran whose career spans many technical areas including thin-film growth, optical materials, optical devices, fiber-optic communication, medical imaging and adaptive optics. He successfully created many computational models for solving complex engineering problems, predicating behavior of devices/systems, and optimizing processes. 

      Our goal is to provide engineers and other professionals with numerical-simulation tools that catalyze innovations, boost efficiency in development and improve quality of manufactured products. 
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